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Skjaeveland of Norway

AlpenStyle is proud to carry Skjaeveland of Norway Fall 2005 sweaters and cardigans for women. Skjaeveland’s beautiful wool and cotton women’s Fall 2005 sweaters are a timeless choice for both everyday use and elegant dressing. These Scandinavian sweaters for women incorporate Norwegian knitting traditions based on solid craftsmanship and artistic evolution. A trained eye will recognize local motifs and patterns that have survived over several centuries. Skjaeveland’s Norwegian women’s sweaters are highly functional with updated design details, creating a perfect combination of tradition and sophistication.

Norwegian women have known for centuries that wool is unique among natural fabrics for its outstanding wear-ability and weatherproof characteristics, and Skjaeveland of Norway has created outstanding designs for Fall 2005 that make this highly functioning fabric both beautiful and fashionable. From the most traditional Norwegian woman’s wool sweater, the Setesdal (style S426), to the elegant Irene (style S553) available in a highly desirable yet rare purple color, the Skjaeveland 2005 Fall sweater collection covers the full range of possibilities for ladies winter cardigans. In addition to ladies wool sweaters, AlpenStyle also offers the Karen cardigan from Skjaeveland of Norway, a lightweight but luxurious year-round cardigan made with 100% premium cotton. And for the littler ladies, as well as for little boys, AlpenStyle is excited to introduce the Tusenfryd children’s cotton cardigan from Skjaeveland. With its zippered front, for easy entry and exit, this Skjaeveland children’s sweater again reflects the timeless look of a Norwegian design coupled with the exceptional craftsmanship of a traditional winter sweater.