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The Perfect Fit

Finding the right size woman's jacket or sweater as a gift for tiy or some other special person!

At, an on- line European clothing store, we specialize in wool and cotton outerwear for women. AlpenStyle has a full range of sizes from small to plus/oversized women’s jackets, sweaters and coats. Our natural fibers from Icelandic Design, Geiger of Austria and Skjaeveland of Norway provide the ultimate comfort and style, but we also want to make sure that you get the ultimate fit! Please consider that fit, size and measurements are not synonymous with each other. A woman’s fit is more of a personal preference. A woman’s measurements will help determine what size should be purchased. All three work together to help you find exactly the right jacket, sweater or coat.

First let’s address the purchase for yourself. European women tend to prefer their outerwear oversized. Which may also be what you want; however, on plus sizes, you may not want the extra weight of added material on an oversized jacket or sweater. For a great fit make sure you consider the type of material used in addition to its measurements. Depending on the material and the weight of the material, you will have a different woman’s fit. Wool for example can still retain its warming qualities without the weight, if it is created using the boiled wool or worsted wool manufacturing method. As opposed to the woven wool or Loden wool method, boiled wool is knitted and creates tiny air chambers retaining body heat for a regulated, comfortable body temperature. Depending on the actual thickness or gauge of a material used, often a draping affect is achieved which creates a nice, looser but not frumpy, fit.

Geiger Jackets
Geiger of Austria Mens Jacket 64354 NVY
Geiger of Austria Mens 64354 Walk Jacket in NAVY
Geiger of Austria Womens Walk Jacket 51443 BL 245
Geiger of Austria Ladies 51443 Boiled Wool Jacket in DARK OCEAN BLUE 245
Geiger of Austria 73610 Tracht Cardigan 9050 CH
Geiger of Austria Ladies Boiled Wool Tracht Cardigan Style 73610 in CHARCOAL with Grey Trim 9050
Geiger of Austria Classic Walk Jacket - 65510-45
Geiger of Austria Classic 65510 BLACK Women's Boiled Wool Jacket
Geiger of Austria Mens Jacket 64354 CH
Geiger of Austria Mens 64354 Walk Jacket in CHARCOAL
Geiger of Austria Womens Walk Jacket - 51443 BK
Geiger of Austria Ladies Classic 51443 Boiled Wool Jacket in BLACK
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If you like a more fitted look with your jacket, coat or sweater, look for descriptions that say “fitted”, “tapered waist” or “slim fitting”. Another description to look for is “A-line fit”; this is one of the most flattering on any woman. An a-line fit is more fitted on the upper body but will then swing out a bit at the hips, creating a very feminine look but not a “petticoat “ type look.

If you are looking for a gift for someone here are a few points to consider for getting the perfect fit… What is the woman’s shape? What type of a fit does this woman prefer, i.e. close to the body, loose, fitted at the hips, boxy at the waist, high neckline, longer sleeves etc.? Can you take the measurements of a favorite jacket or sweater? Measure from the neckline to the waist and from the top of the shoulder down to the bottom of the sleeve to get an accurate measurement which can then convert to an accurate woman’s garment size.
Check in the closet and look at the label of a favorite coat, jacket or sweater. Make sure you look at a couple different pieces since sizing differs by brand. Note that the higher quality, designer brands tend to show smaller women’s sizes – these will be commensurate with AlpenStyle sizes. Check for the sleeve length on favorite sweaters and jackets, there can be few things that can drive a woman crazier than having sleeves that are too long or short, especially on an outerwear jacket or coat!

So visit us at to find the natural fabric outerwear item that you are looking for and let it be a unique gift to either you or for someone just as special.
Depending on manufacturer, sizes range from small /4 up to extra-large/20. Although many items are produced in Europe, items stocked in the U.S. will be shipped within 48 hours. Out of stock items from Europe may have a two to six week delivery time. All major credit cards accepted.

Icelandic Design Fashions...
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