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Natural Fiber Fabrics

Looking for women’s outerwear made from natural fabrics? carries sweaters, jackets and coats made from beautiful natural fabrics in 100% wool and 100% cotton. All are produced with European design and quality built in.

The Europeans like the use of natural fabrics. Natural fabrics last longer, are easy to care for and when made with high quality craftsmanship, provide the highest performance and most flattering designs. Here at AlpenStyle, we know how good it feels to wear something authentic and that natural fabrics can provide that feeling in an elegant and stylish way.
At we offer outerwear for women manufactured by companies that reflect the best fabric quality and styling of European sweater pullovers and cardigans, coats and jackets. AlpenStyle carries three of the most prominent ladies’ outerwear clothing lines: Icelandic Design, Geiger of Austria and Skjaeveland. AlpenStyle specializes in these three producers of fine clothing because all three provide incredibly high quality products, all reflect that particular look associated with European clothing and because all three are companies with high integrity offering natural fabrics that feel good to the touch and stand the test of time.

Icelandic Design sweaters, cardigans and jackets, many made from 100% natural fabrics are truly unique. The entire collections are newly created every year ensuring that the wearer has a one-of-a-kind design that won’t be seen duplicated everywhere she goes! The winter season collection uses natural wool fabrics ranging from 100% Shetland wool, to boiled worsted wool, to machine washable 100% Merino wool. For winter, Icelandic Design makes all of their cardigans and jackets in 100% natural fabrics. All are made from 100% wool and are either boiled or knitted. The Scandinavian look is truly evident in the beautifully intricate patterning and detailed embroidery on the individual styles. The spring collection incorporates the beautiful Icelandic designs on that most breathable of all lightweight natural fabrics, 100% fine gauge cotton. The natural fabrics come in a variety of weights and are embellished with beautiful hand embroidery, ribbon and appliqué details. The fine gauge cotton sweaters range from whimsical flower designs to sophisticated silk appliquéd designs, providing every woman the best design suitable for any occasion.

Geiger of Austria provides 100% boiled wool coats. These coats are an incredible example of high quality workmanship and are the most authentic example of what a European woman wears as outerwear on the streets of Europe. My most recent trip to Germany this winter confirmed this 100%! Made of the highest quality wool, which is then processed in an environmentally friendly way directly in Austria, Geiger of Austria coats offer exceptional warmth without the heavy weight of woven wool coats. And unlike lower quality wool, the natural wool fabric is incredibly soft to the touch and is particularly good at regulating body temperature – never letting you get too hot or too cold. The stream line of the coat keeps one looking elegant while staying warm, unlike some natural fabrics that tend to be so puffy and restricting.

The newest line of outerwear to be added to is Skjaeveland (pronounced Shea-ve-land). You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful line of authentic Scandinavian sweaters that are Made 100% in Norway and made of 100% natural fabric. All of the Skjaeveland pullovers and cardigans are produced from the longest strands of knitted wool, making them incredibly soft to the touch – no undergarments needed to prevent any of that scratchy feeling that you get from lesser quality natural fabric! The designs are based on local Norwegian motifs and patterns that have survived over several centuries. Even the pewter clasps have their own design history. When we say that these are heirloom quality sweaters, we aren’t kidding; these sweaters will last a lifetime and are often passed on to the next generation!

So visit us at to find the natural fabric outerwear item that you are looking for and let it be a unique gift to either you or for someone just as special.
Depending on manufacturer, sizes range from small/4 up to extra-large/20. Although many items are produced in Europe, items stocked in the U.S. will be shipped within 48 hours. Out of stock items from Europe may have a two to six week delivery. All major credit cards accepted.

Geiger Jackets
Geiger of Austria Womens Walk Jacket - 51443 BK
Geiger of Austria Ladies Classic 51443 Boiled Wool Jacket in BLACK
Geiger of Austria Womens Walk Jacket 51443 RD 583
Geiger of Austria Ladies 51443 Boiled Wool Jacket in GARNET RED 583
Geiger of Austria 822 Stretch Pants 45 BK
Geiger of Austria 822 Woman's Stretch Pants in BLACK
Geiger of Austria Mens Jacket 64354 NVY
Geiger of Austria Mens 64354 Walk Jacket in NAVY
Geiger of Austria Classic Walk Jacket - 65510-50
Geiger of Austria Classic 65510 CHARCOAL Women's Boiled Wool Jacket
Geiger of Austria 65930 583 GRT
Geiger of Austria 65930 Womans Dirndl Walk Jacket in 583 GARNET