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Geiger Of Austria Fashion - The History

AlpenStyle is proud to introduce our customers to womens coats and jackets of the best, pure virgin wool, which forms the focus of the GEIGER of Austria classic fashion collection. In 1906, the founder, Barbara Geiger, developed a new fashion concept. She obtained wool from the alpine farmers; got her inspiration from traditional Tyrolean patterns and color combinations, and with a handful of workers on hand sewing machines produced her first Fashion Collection.

Then in 1926 this fashion maker turned over the business to her son Peter. Geiger Fashions became a well recognized business which stood for an independent, yet at that time definitely alpine inspired, style, and which also set the standard for remarkable quality.

The authenticity and dependability of the GEIGER fashion trademark is a characteristic that fashion minded people in 39 countries worldwide recognize and value. They appreciate this seldom found characteristic. They recognize that a GEIGER jacket is worth its price. This is because GEIGER coats are almost always the favorite piece of clothing a person owns.

Geiger coats are made of pure first-time processed new wool, boiled in mountain spring water. Coats are made by an age old process that creates felting with very special qualities. Feel the stretch, the exquisite lightness, deep rich color. What you cannot see are the rigid requirements that all Geiger fashion suppliers must adhere to - all use biodegradable materials - all must submit to constant inspection by an independent research institute.

With accolades from fashion houses worldwide, Geiger is most proud of its award for environmental awareness from its home, the State of Tyrol. We at AlpenStyle know that you too will be proud to own or give a Geiger boiled wool coat of such exceptional European quality and styling.


Geiger Fashion
Geiger of Austria Womens Walk Jacket 51443 FL GY
Geiger of Austria Ladies 51443 Boiled Wool Jacket in FLANNEL GREY 13
Geiger of Austria 69936 AMETH 19
Geiger of Austria Woman's 69936 Lightweight Jacket in AMETHYST 19
Geiger of Austria Fashion Hoodie BL 648
Geiger of Austria Ladies Virgin Wool 77270 Knit Hoodie Jacket in DENIM BLUE 648
Geiger of Austria Long Sleeveless Cardigan 77680
Geiger of Austria Classic Women's Long Sleeveless Knit Cardigan Style 77680 in WALNUT or BLACK
Geiger of Austria 65220 Classic Walk Jacket WHT 32
Geiger of Austria Ladies Boiled Wool Smiley Car Coat Style 65220 in WINTER WHITE 329
Geiger of Austria Classic Walk Cape 13270
Geiger of Austria Classic Women's Boiled Wool Cape 13270 BLACK, CHARCOAL, CEDAR or ALABASTER