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IVKO Woman Belletrist Fine Wool Pullover Style 62531 018 RED
IVKO Woman Belletrist Fine Wool Pullover Style 62531 018 RED
There is nothing more comfortable and casual that will make you feel as a princess more than this divine, delicate, intarsia pattern adorned piece. The ultra fine lambswool gracefully defines the waist while floating towards the hips with a longer length for lots of coverage. Dainty keyhole opening in the back uses mother of pearl button closure. Available in rich red only, light blue not available. Intarsia knit pattern. Keyhole back. Length 26 in. (66 cm). MADE 100% in BELGRADE, SERBIA.
IVKO 62531 018 Belletrist Fine Wool Pullover
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Women's Sweaters
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IVKO's regal 62510 jacquard knit Empress jacket. Contrasting interior front pleats, slight flair, defined waist. High waist. Notched, high back collar. 100% extra fine Merino wool. Small shoulder pads articulate the shoulders. Length 22 in (56cm) SERBIA
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