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Dale of Norway Woman's Nordic Weatherproof Jacket Vinje style 8188 in BLACK
Dale of Norway Woman`s Nordic Weatherproof Jacket Vinje style 8188 in BLACK
Norwegian mountains can be cold. But since 1879 Norwegians have stayed warm and comfortable with their Dale of Norway garments. Dale of Norway has developed a unique technology that makes knitted wool, water repellent. Combined with a wind proof membrane you have a garment that is absolutely weather proof. Combining Dale's 100% wind proof membrane with the water repellent wool makes the Vinje jacket a completely weather proof Dale of Norway garment. Besides its amazing functionality, the Vinje is stunningly beautiful. The Vinje's weatherproof design is actually a 3 layer technique. The outer layer is knit from a waterproof Merino wool which is then fused to the micro Windstopper liner, and inside that there is a Merino wool fleece liner to complete the ultimate jacket. Yet with all of those layers the highly technical functionality of this jacket keeps it slim and not too bulky. Knitshells are perfect because they have a comfort range of below zero to almost 70 degrees above zero. Even when active, the Vinje is continually breathing to keep you comfortable. The detachable, fur trimmed hood adjusts for optimal peripheral vision. In addition to its technical features, Vinje also sports rich, rosemaling (decorative Norwegian painting design) embroidery at the fur trimmed cuffs and pewter clasp belt. Black with white and red design. Made 100% in Norway. Length 26' for medium.
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