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The idea was to bring all of the qualities of European outerwear to our friends and family here in the U.S.. We lived in Europe, traveled from the Nordic lands down to the beautiful Alps, and became familiar with the unique designs and incredible quality that is typical of clothing there.

The clothing was of such a high quality that even after years of use, it retained its shape and color. The design details and cuts were classic enough to never be outdated, yet unique enough to look like exclusive designs. The same outerwear was used as an overcoat to go shopping for fresh produce at the local outdoor market and then was used to cover a beautiful evening dress for a night out.

We thought about what we would like to buy or wear that would hint at the folk designs found in the fashion of the Alps. We noted how some of my very own jackets and coats are so beloved and how great I feel wearing them. I’m not sure which I enjoy more; the compliments, the easy care or the wonderful feel of a great fitting jacket.

Finding a beautiful jacket that is also warm enough to keep out the chill is not very easy. None of us like or need bulkiness, especially when we want to look stylish; that is what AlpenStyle jackets provide. And we are so happy to help you find a jacket that will be extremely flattering, keep you cozy and shows that you don’t have to have the same jacket as everyone else on the block.